DrChrono: A Mobile EHR Company Scores $12M To Build Up Telehealth Services

DrChrono: A Mobile EHR Company Scores $12M To Build Up Telehealth Services

Being a smart-phone, friendly EHR app DrChrono is up and running to build up telehealth features during the Covid-19 pandemic. The start-up landed $ 12M in funding to set its telehealth space platform in motion. The heath records start-up got initial funding for building out telehealth features from ORIX Growth Capital in venture debt.

After seeing and examining the problems patients faced to reach their physicians, the leading start-up decided to improve its healthcare facilities. As a result, Daniel Kivatinos, COO and Co-Founder of DrChrono, kick-started colossal growth plans for this year. Kivatinos said in a press release that in 2021, we would grow rapidly in all business areas.

DrChrono is astonishingly the first health record company to develop an EHR system that runs seamlessly on mobile phones. Moreover, its features appealed Apple brand, and they did a partnership to launch the iOS compatible DrChrono app. Practice management, billing, and API softwares are also embedded in this platform’s enticing interface. That’s a plus point for web developers.

To combat the challenges physicians faced to be in contact with their patients, DrChrono launched its telehealth app earlier this year. With it, physicians can experience virtual visits with their patients. On the other hand, patients felt relaxed, too, as setting up a virtual appointment with the most qualified doctors is a breeze.

Since its launch in 2009 within the healthcare market, DrChrono claims to have processed $11M with over thousands of physicians availing its services.

DrChrono intends to use the new funding for its telehealth service. Furthermore, it will use some of the funds for its other EHR products. The start-up also aims to expand its products and services.

The healthcare lead and managing director of ORIX Growth Capital, David Orlandella, stated in a news release about how impressed they were with their first investment in DrChrono a year and a half ago. The team’s incredible efforts to get the telehealth service to work to meet customers’ needs were plausible. The start-up won many awards and signed agreements with various noteworthy partners and, above all, put forward its FHIR API for supporting health records on mobile devices.

He said that he looks forward to the expansion of DrChrono’s core services and API for users country-wide. Additionally, he believes the in-person and telehealth appointments of this unique platform will pick up a fast pace.

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